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Do's and Don'ts of Java programming

Do's and Don'ts of Java Programming No matter if you program on a regular basis in Java, and realize it like the back of your side, or if you’re new to the language or an informal developer, you’ll create errors.

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Top 5 Features and Frameworks for Developers to Checkout

In simple words, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment and library for developing network application using JavaScript. In the recent time, it has gained a huge attention from developers; however, if you wanted to know more about it, you can continue reading this post.
Node.js make use of Chrome's JavaScript runtime engine to deploy JS code directly without the need for the browser sandbox. Moreover, it's some of the wonderful features that make it a wonderful choice for developing server-side application middle tiers, comprising web services for platform APIs and web servers.
However, the non-blocking event-driven I/O model provides a very attractive performance, a lot simply beating threaded server environments such as Ruby on Rails and PHP that block on I/O and handle several simultaneous users by spinning up separate threads for each.
In addition to this, Node.js offers a lot of features to its users, so let's check out the t…

Building a Microservice using Node.js & Docker

In this session, we will start with building a simple express micro-service. We will then create a Docker image for the service using both a Docker file as well as the command line. Lastly we will push our image to Docker Hub. The session will run for 30 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A.

Building high quality services at Uber with Node.js

In this video Raynos (Jake Verbaten) talks about how Uber builds high quality services. He explains what it takes to "productionize" a Node.js service and shows some of the tooling Uber has built and open sourced to enable it.

Node.js Tutorial with Ryan Dahl, creator of Node.js

You've learned how to write code, but how do you actually launch your website or app? LearnStreet courses and tutorials have you covered. In this presentation Ryan Dahl, the man behind Node.js will introduce you to this event-driven I/O framework with a few examples showing Node.js in action. Ryan will also talk about the recent release of v0.4.0 and how to use some of the new APIs. Node.js is a system for building network services for Google's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js is one of the hottest JavaScript frameworks today. While JQuery is used in the browser, Node is a powerful framework that can be used on the server. It is useful for designing scalable web servers and lets the server and the browser communicate with each other in real time. We use Node.js at LearnStreet to support our interactive course console. LearnStreet is an early-stage startup focused on changing the way people of all backgrounds and skill levels learn how to code. A small, passionate team of product …

Introduction of Node JS by Ryan Dahl (Creator of Node Js)

Introduction of Node JS by Ryan Dahl (Creator of Node Js)

Node.JS: The Good Parts? A Skeptic's View

Chris Richardson, founder of the original, is a server-side Java developer who wasn't too thrilled about JavaScript in the browser, let alone on the server. In fact, he might even suggest that we are slaves to JavaScript because people have simply started to accept its weirdness and flaws, much like a Stockholm Syndrome phenomenon.

Scaling Node.js to 500 Million Users

Scaling Node.js to 500 Million Users

Latest Node JS Tips & News